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Rathcroghan: agriculture and access to ancient sites with Paula Barrett, Daniel Curley & Steve Larkin


Cattle have been in Rathcroghan since the days of Queen Maeb (Maeve). With an agricultural heritage spanning more than 6,000 years, the farming community are as much a part of the area’s history as the monuments themselves. So, how can farming and public access to important sites co-exist in a way that protects these ancient monuments?

Utilising land management design and architectural solutions, work is underway on a series of walking and driving routes to provide public access to the most important archaeological sites while efforts have been made to reward local farmers for their role as care-takers of the monuments.

To coincide with W.J. Sloan Hardware’s Arts Festival window display, Daniel Curley, manager of the Rathcroghan visitor centre, architect Steve Larkin, and artist Paula Barrett ( will speak about the history of Rathcroghan, the visitor access plan and the way-marking colour scheme.