King House, Boyle

Military Road
Co, Roscommon

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Rath Cruachan : Ronan Guilfoyle, King House Piano Commission



Conor Linehan – piano

Matthew Berrill – clarinet

Phil Robson – guitar

Rath Cruachan is a new five-part suite by Ronan Guilfoyle, commissioned by Roscommon County Council, that is inspired by the ancient history and the geography of Roscommon.  Rath Cruachan, the Megalithic Celtic site almost right in the centre of Roscommon, was according to legend, where Queen Medb ruled from, and where the phantom queen The Morrigan is said to have emerged from the underworld at the cave of Owneygat.

Just as the piece is inspired by history and geography, it is also inspired by both classical and jazz music and features pianist Conor Linehan in a central role on the King House Steinway, and he will also be joined to the noted jazz musicians guitarist Phil Robson, and clarinettist Matthew Berrill. Each movement represents an aspect of Roscommon history, and/or geography, with the interaction between the players mirroring the interaction between that history and geography. The themes of the suite include Queen Medb, The Morrigan, Lough Rí, Lough Key, and Rath Cruachan itself.

Apart from the new suite, the concert will also include additional jazz and classical pieces, and the musicians will be joined by the composer in this part of the programme.