Church of Ireland, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Church of Ireland
Green Street
Co. Roscommon

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This concert explores place, myth and memory pertaining to Cruachán, Rathcroghan, Co Roscommon, once believed to be a portal to the Otherworld, and a place linked to the story of Meabh and the Táin Bó Cúlainge. With new work by composer Siobhán Cleary, songs and tunes composed by Cathy Jordan and John Carty along with older traditional tunes associated with the area, and a specially written text by Vincent Woods, this original performance piece blends sound and story to question, entertain and cast a modern eye on enduring myth and the power of what is unseen.

Narrator: Vincent Woods

Vocals: Cathy Jordan

Flute: Eimear McGeown

Fiddles: John Carty, James Carty

Cello: Gerald Peregrine

Bodhráns: Ryan Owens, Ryan Sheridan

Piano: Siobhán Cleary


Duration 60 minutes