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Ollie Grace

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The Importance of being Irish

A light-hearted, whimsical look at the character and temperament of the Irish people using our folklore, our history, our songs, our stories and our literature.  The show will earnestly and heroically attempt to answer such searching and near-impossible questions as: Where did we come from?  What are we really like? What makes us unique and different from other peoples – particularly our near neighbours? What might the future hold for us?


Ollie is a native of Co. Kilkenny and is a devoted follower of Kilkenny hurling (a well-documented obsessive, compulsive disorder), but he is living a precarious existence in deepest, darkest, but beautiful Co. Wexford!

He is a graduate of History and Folklore from Maynooth University and is the author of a book on local history. He taught History for many years in a secondary school but after twenty-three years, (for he is a slow learner), it dawned on him that teaching was like a vow of poverty and he moved on to greater things.

He has been involved in music and folklore all his life, and has toured with this show and other shows in Ireland, mainland UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and Australia