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Ollie Grace , The Hidden Folklore of Ireland


Discover where we came from as a people

Explore our earliest customs, beliefs and superstitions from our Celtic legends up to the culture of the last century

Learn how songs and story-telling have such importance for us

Discover how we coped with dispossession, famine and emigration

Explore with us a world of the imagination, the spiritual, the mysterious and the unseen

We look at key factors that helped to shape us as a people and helped us to survive and thrive down through the centuries

Join us as we engage you in wit and laughter​

​The show will have particular emphasis on our rich heritage of songs and music. This will involve a degree of spirited audience participation!


Ollie is a native of County Kilkenny, graduate of Maynooth University in History and Folklore and has been involved in music and folklore for most of his life. He has toured extensively, performing shows in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and the US