Frybrook House

Bridge Street
Boyle, Ireland

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Kathy Donaghy (Reading)

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Kathy will read from her debut book Finding My Wild, which tells the story of her journey back to her homeplace in Inishowen in north Donegal. It’s an ode to place as well as a powerful testimony to love.

Kathy writes about home as a physical place but also how the home we carry in ourselves is ultimately the place where we have to be comfortable. With searing honesty, she writes of her struggles to settle into this new life, her identity as a woman, as a mother and of the heartbreaking losses she suffered.

Ultimately this is a book about healing and how the wonders of the natural world and immersing yourself in it can be a balm.


Kathy Donaghy is an award winning journalist from Inishowen, Co Donegal.

Her first book, Finding My Wild, was published earlier this year to critical acclaim. In it she describes her journey to coming home to her ‘good enough’ self through immersion in nature and sea swimming.

She is married to the journalist Richard Curran and is mother to two boys.

When she is not writing she can be found exploring north Donegal with her collie Wyatt.