Clarke's Bar & Restaurant, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Clarke's Bar & Restaurant
Patrick Street
Co Roscommon



Rooted in The Rumba; Ikarumba’s music crosses many cultural boundaries frequently fusing such diverse elements as Catalan, Mexican, Spanish, African, Indian and Celtic as well as Jazz. The Rumba, a universally understood language of music, has the ability to embrace and interpret many different cultural styles and Ikarumba’s eclectic repertoire of purely instrumental tunes from around the world has made them a popular choice at many festivals around Ireland. Ikarumba has gone through a number of incarnations & transformations since they were formed around 2005, this latest version undoubtedly the most enduring.

Simon Crockett plays the ‘Requinto guitar’ and an old-school Peruvian classical guitar that was given to him by his father. Schooled in music on piano & vocals from the age of 6 Simon’s first guitar was also Peruvian, its sweet sound meant it was played daily. Later in life Simon worked with Catalan stone masons one of whom taught him many old Spanish, Catalan and Cuban tunes. They played countless Sunday nights together in the back of a Spanish bar; every night was a ‘riot’ of music and dance. Simon met Connor Madden in 2013 immediately recognising his potential, they teamed-up. Simon frequently travels overseas to play with the gypsy, rumba and flamenco guitarists in their own country

Connor Madden: After being taught a few Pink Floyd chords by his father Connor was hooked and music became his passion. Originally a heavy metal devotee and hoarder of instruments his devotion switched to Flamenco and Rumba once he had met, and teamed-up with, Simon back in 2013. Simon and Connor will be joined by Simon’s son Ben Crockett on percussion